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Frequently Asked Questions


Why procurement planning?

Procurement planning is the process of deciding what to buy, when and from what source and it must start with a needs based analysis-which a process of sincerely identifying need (not wants) and choosing them according to priority.

Who should submit a procurement plan?

All procuring entities (PEs) in Rivers State including Local Government Councils. In short all entities which derive and manage funds from the state Government for any type of procurement.

What type of procurement should be captured in the procurement plan?

All procurement of goods, works and services executed from public funds.

How can we fill the procurement plan template?

The procurement plan template can be filled using the soft copy which allows for update subsequently with a box by box understanding of the information required or by seeking clarification from the E&C Department of RSBoPP.

What is a package number?

A package number is the number given to similar or related procurement items aggregated into a category of procurement.

How can we determine the appropriate procurement method?

The type, nature and monetary value of the Procurement are factors that will help determine the procurement method to be adopted.

What is estimated amount?

This is basically the estimate cost of the proposed procurement; Project/Service or Disposed Unit.

When can post review and prior review be applicable?

The nature and monetary value of the contract will determine the applicability of post review or prior review. All procurements up to fifty million naira including less than this amount are subject to post review, while any procurement which monetary value exceeds fifty million naira is subject to prior review.

When is the deadline for submission of procurement plan?

The deadline for submission is………. of every year as fixed by RSBOPP.

Should ‘Overhead’ be captured in the procurement plan?

It depends on the PEs definition of Overhead. All procurement or expenditures should be captured in the relevant template (goods, works, and services). Except procurement involving state security and other exemptions allowed or anticipated by the Public Procurement law (PPL) such as salaries, allowances, pensions and strictly related matters.

What value of procurement requires a No Objection Certification from the Bureau?

A Procurement above 50 million Naira, the approved threshold for procurement.

What is the validity period for responding to an advertisement for Open Competitive bid invitation?

Not less than six weeks (42 days) from the date of publishing the advertisement in at least 2 newspapers.

Should disposal of public property be planned for?

Yes, disposal of public assets must be planned for and such disposal plan with written justification attached with necessary document (e.g. property valuation report) must be sent to RSBoPP at the beginning of the year for treatment and possible approval by RSBoPP.

What is the scope of procurement planning?

Procurement planning covers all the stages of a procurement cycle. It requires details of the procurement steps/ schedule of activities and expenditure outlays for each of the project, plus procurement/contract awards, advertisement, diligent execution of same and the hand over and execution of a sustainability plan on such procurements.

Is the submission of procurement plan mandatory?

Yes, every procuring entity is statutorily required at the beginning of the year to submit and agree their procurement plan with the Bureau as a pre-condition to the implementation of its projects and programmes and subsequently in course of the year update the procurement plans as frequently as procurements are made

How many templates are there in the procurement plan?

The procurement plan is a triplicate document, consist of three templates which are templates for goods, works and services and to be used as appropriate.

How can we describe a procurement item?

This requires a procurement item to be sufficiently described with adequate details to capture its type, nature and likely purpose.

What is a lot number?

A Lot number is sub-number or sub-division within a package.

What is the preferred procurement method?

The preferred procurement method is open competitive bidding. However, there are instances when open competitive bidding may not be appropriate thereby allowing for other Procurement methods e.g when the procurement is very negligible or where the procurement is highly specialised.

Is the Estimated Amount in Naira the same thing as the Contract Amount in Naira and Final Cost?

The estimated amount is the amount that has been proposed as the cost while the contract amount and final cost are the actual amount for the procurement. They may be the same or different, however most times they are different.

Should we get budget approval before developing a procurement plan?

No. procurement plan should be developed immediately after budget preparation. Because it is the information from the budget that would be used to develop the plan.

Can the procurement plan be updated after submission?

Yes. The procurement plan template is a life working document as such can be updated and signed off as frequently as necessary with the Bureau.

Should procurements and expenditure made with internally generated funds be captured in the plan?

Yes, all procurements involving state funds must be captured unless it falls within the usually allowed exemptions such as security, salaries, allowances, pensions and strictly related matters.

When should the record of procurement proceeding be submitted to the Bureau?

Not less than 30 days from the date of the contract award.

Is justification required for selecting another procedure other than the open competitive procedure?

Yes. Justification could be supported by the nature or monetary value, PPL or relevant regulations or upon approval from the Bureau.
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